Which is the best state to live in Australia?

Hey there, future Aussie explorer! Ready to uncover the best spots to call home in the Land Down Under? From beachside beauties to cultural hubs, we’ve got the scoop on Australia’s top-notch cities. Buckle up – we’re about to embark on a journey that’ll help you find your very own Oz oasis!

Finding Your Perfect Place

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and live the Australian dream? Well, mate, you’re in luck! We’ve mapped out the seven gems that steal the spotlight when it comes to the best places to live in Australia. But hold your kangaroo – each city has its own unique flair that might just be the match made in heaven for you.

The Top Aussie Hotspots

Adelaide: A Food and Drink Paradise

Tucked in South Australia’s heart, Adelaide is making waves as an expat hotspot. Its welcoming vibe and affordable real estate are a magnet for those seeking a fresh start. If you’re a skilled migrant, Adelaide’s got your back – it’s recruiting over 5,000 professionals each year, particularly in healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

For ex-pat families, leafy suburbs like Belair and Banksia Park are the go-to spots. Adelaide boasts a vibrant cultural scene with art festivals, live music, and fantastic eateries. And don’t forget those picturesque beaches and the nearby Barossa Valley vineyards that serve up regional delights.


  • Mouthwatering food and drink scene
  • Ample green spaces like the Botanical Garden
  • Home to the renowned Barossa Valley wine region


  • Quieter compared to bustling cities like Sydney
  • The unemployment rate is slightly above the national average

Brisbane: Gateway to Rural Escapes

If city thrills and countryside tranquility tango in your heart, Brisbane’s calling your name! This dynamic city offers the best of both worlds – urban buzz and nature’s embrace. While skyscrapers grace the urban center, Mother Nature’s canvas stretches all around. Think river jogs and serene sailing, all in a day’s adventure.

The job market’s bustling, especially in hospitality, health, and tourism. Suburbs like Paddington cater to expats craving action, while family-centric folks find solace in areas like Morayfield.

Why is Australia not more populated?


  • Close proximity to the Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef
  • Envious warm climate year-round
  •  A booming economy, especially in the hospitality and health sectors


  • Expensive car parking
  • Housing prices are high within the inner city

Canberra: Embrace the Family-Friendly Charm

Australia’s capital, Canberra, maybe a political hub, but it’s got the heart of a small town. Its tree-lined streets and affordable real estate – averaging around $480,000 AUD – make it a family-friendly haven. Lake Burley Griffin becomes a summer paradise, hosting picnics, biking, and sailing escapades.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

Embrace cultural attractions like the National Gallery of Australia, or venture into the hills and bushland for adventure. Tuggeranong and Belconnen stand out as family-friendly suburbs.




  • Affordable cost of living
  • Sophisticated atmosphere with a small-town charm
  • Abundant family-friendly suburbs


  • A two-hour drive to reach the nearest beach
  • Renting can be pricey

Hobart: A Gem of Property Affordability

Historic Hobart, Tasmania’s gem, offers a cooler climate and a laid-back lifestyle. With the second-lowest average income, it’s a haven for affordable living. Families and retirees adore riverside suburbs like Kingston. Plus, Hobart’s stable job prospects in construction, viticulture, and engineering draw skilled ex-pats.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

The city paints a picture of serenity with Mount Wellington’s backdrop, and its beautiful landscapes make relaxation inevitable.


  •  Most affordable housing in Australia
  •  Breathtaking scenery, including Mount Wellington
  •  The relaxed pace of life


  •  Small city feel, limited public transport
  • The lowest average income in Australia

Melbourne: The Cultural Extravaganza

Welcome to Melbourne, the cultural mecca of Australia! Dive into a world of arts, music, and vibrant street life. This multicultural hub boasts museums, festivals, and a kaleidoscope of bars and eateries. Inner suburbs like Surrey Hills or beachfront St. Kilda cater to different expat vibes.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

Melbourne’s notorious weather, “four seasons in one day,” adds an element of surprise. While living costs are relatively high, a bustling economy, especially in aviation, tech, and finance, create ample job opportunities.


  •  Cultural diversity and lively arts scene
  • Sports hub with year-round events
  • Dynamic nightlife around the CBD


  • Unpredictable weather
  • Traffic congestion, especially during summer

Perth: Soak Up Sunshine and More

Cosmopolitan Perth, bathed in sunlight, is your perfect Western Australia retreat. Picture city parks, a thriving economy, and a beach-loving community. In-demand jobs span mining, tourism, tech, and healthcare. Families adore Victoria Park and Applecross, while Fremantle oozes bohemian charm.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

Play under Perth’s endless sun – from beachside lounging to opera nights at the Perth Cultural Centre.




  • Most sunshine hours, warm climate
  • Easy access to beaches, nature reserves, and islands
  • A booming economy, particularly in tech and tourism


  • Isolated, over three hours from the nearest city, Adelaide
  • Limited public transport

Sydney: A Hub of Job Opportunities

With iconic landmarks and a booming economy, Sydney takes center stage. Surf Bondi Beach or explore vibrant neighborhoods. Sydney’s a global player, but living costs match. The job outlook’s promising – finance, tech, and creative industries are thriving.

Which is the best state to live in Australia

Sydney’s beaches, culture, and opportunities draw ex-pats, though housing prices soar. The efficient public transport system and stunning beaches are unbeatable.


  • Unemployment rate below the national average
  • Access to 100+ beaches, including Bondi
  • Abundant job opportunities


  • High cost of living, especially housing
  • Traffic congestion, mainly in summer


So, which Australian city has your heart racing? From savoring culinary delights in Adelaide to surfing the waves in Sydney, each of these cities has a unique rhythm that’s sure to resonate with your desires. Remember, mate; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it’s all about finding the spot that matches your vibe.

With our guide in your pocket, you’re ready to make an informed choice that’ll have you living your best Aussie life. So go on, pack your bags and get ready to dive headfirst into the adventure of a lifetime. Your dream Australian city is waiting for you to claim it as your own!



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