Can You Visit Mako Island? 

Mako Island is a place that has captured the imagination of many. Its attraction was much increased due to the TV show “Mako: Island of Secrets.” But have you ever found out whether you can visit Mako Island or not? 

If not, just stay calm because today we are going to find facts on whether you can visit Mako Island or not. 

Can You Visit Mako Island

What is Mako Island? 

This Mako Island is best known due to the famous TV show “Mako: Island of Secrets”. 

But, actually, what is Mako Island? Mako Island is a small island located off the coast of Australia.

The island was formed around 1 million years ago when it broke away from the mainland and began to rise above sea level due to seismic activity and erosion from wind and water.

Mako Island is located just north of Brisbane, Australia. It can be reached by taking a ferry from South Bank or Manly Wharf in Brisbane and then driving overland via Oxley Road or water via the Gold Coast Canal.

Mako Island Vs. “Mako: Island of Secrets.”

Mako Island is also home to a popular television show called “Mako: Island of Secrets.” The show is filmed on location at the wildlife park and features various animals from around the world. The show has been airing since 2002 and has produced over 300 episodes. The show is on its 14th season and has been syndicated in over 50 countries worldwide.

Moonpool and the aliens

Mako Island is a mysterious and beautiful island where rumors of a secret moon pool with magical powers are circulating. According to legend, the moon basin was created by aliens who came to Earth and wanted to hide their ships in the jungle. However, there is no clear evidence to support this claim. Instead, people have reported seeing lights deep in the forest and hearing strange noises echoing through the trees.

To find the moon pool, one would look for a large tree with a dark spot in the center that could be the entrance to the underwater cave system below Mako Island. 

Another option is to look for a large boulder in the middle of a small stream with a strange symbol engraved.

Two ways to enter Mako Island’s cave system are to swim through one of the underwater tunnels or climb the large rocks. However, if you want to go to the moon pool, you better not do that. 

Some call the creature the “Mako Monster,” created by aliens using advanced technology to protect the Moon Pool from human eyes. If anyone goes into the water or tries to climb the rocks, the beast will attack them.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Mako Island?

Practical matters need attention too! London, Sutton, and the Dead Sea airports are all major gateways for flights to Mako. The cost of non-stop flights can occasionally be higher even though it saves time. Mako tickets range from $106 to $432 for roundtrip travel, with one-way prices starting at $52.

Mako Island in Australia

The Majestic Mako Sharks

Mako sharks, a subspecies of lamb, are feared predators in the ocean. They have spindle-shaped bodies, two fins, and lateral tail cores. They belong to the mackerel family, which includes blue, blacktip, and spinner sharks. Mako sharks have an elongated snout, narrow cylindrical bodies, and long dorsal and pectoral fins for speed. Tail keels are used to hunt them.


As our journey nears its end, we’ve unveiled the mysteries surrounding Mako Island. Though the magical tales might not manifest in the same fantastical way as the TV show, the allure of this real-life paradise holds its charm. So, the answer to Can you visit Mako Island ? is a resounding yes! Embrace adventure, tread with awe, and let the wonders of Mako Island leave an indelible mark on your soul. Happy exploring!

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