Australian Snapchat

Australian Snapchat

Have you ever wondered what life is really like Down Under? Well, I wonder no more. Through the lens of Snapchat, you’re about to get an all-access pass to the rugged Outback, colorful reefs, and vibrant cities of Australia. For the next few minutes, you’ll follow some of Australia’s most avid Snapchatters as they share snapshots of their daily adventures in the Outback’s red rock valleys, underwater worlds of the Great Barrier Reef, and bustling streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Get ready for a wild ride filled with cuddly koalas, crashing surf, and sun-drenched sunsets that make you want to hop the next flight across the Pacific. Australia awaits on the other side of your screen, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this virtual tour of the land Down Under, one Snap at a time. The adventure of a lifetime is just 10 seconds away.

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The Best Australian Snapchat to Follow for Travel Inspiration

Australia is home to some seriously stunning scenery; the best way to experience it is through social media. Here are a few of the top Australian Snapchat accounts to follow for major travel inspo:

The Nature Conservancy Australia (nature_aus) shares breathtaking snaps of Australia’s natural wonders, like Kakadu National Park, the Daintree Rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef. Their stories highlight conservation efforts to protect these special places.

Tourism Australia (tourists) offers a virtual tour of the land down under with snaps of iconic spots like the Sydney Opera House, Uluru, and Bondi Beach. They frequently run competitions to win trips to Australia, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Wander Co (the wanderoo) documents hikes through bushland, 4WD adventures in the Outback, and other off-the-beaten-path experiences. If getting active is your thing, you’ll love their action-packed stories.

Australia Zoo (australia_zoo) is home to many native Aussie animals. Follow them for your daily dose of cute koalas, kangaroos, emus, dingos, and more. You might even glimpse the late Steve Irwin’s family carrying on his wildlife conservation mission.

YHA Australia (yha_australia) shares budget-friendly travel tips and snapshots of their hostels in some of the country’s most stunning places. Get inspired by their pics of coastal getaways, mountain escapes, and Outback adventures.

With the right mix of nature, culture, food, and adventure, these Snapchat accounts will have you booking your trip to Australia in no time! Take a virtual tour now and experience the wonders of the Outback and beyond.

Snapchats of Australian Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

Australia is home to some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. If you’re lucky, you may spot a few of these amazing animals in their natural habitat while exploring the Outback.

One of the most iconic Aussie animals is the kangaroo. These hopping marsupials are often seen in large groups called mobs, especially at dawn and dusk. You may glimpse a joey peeking out from its mother’s pouch!

Koalas are another quintessential Australian animal. These furry creatures sleep up to 22 hours daily, only waking to munch on eucalyptus leaves. Spotting one in a tree is an unforgettable experience.

Australia’s diverse birdlife is also a sight to behold. Majestic wedge-tailed eagles soar over the Outback, colorful parrots squawk from treetops, and laughing kookaburras fill the air with their distinctive call.

If you’re near the coast, you may encounter bottlenose dolphins frolicking in the waves or sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. And, of course, Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, where you can see tropical fish, sharks, stingrays, and even whales in their natural environment.

Australia’s wildlife is weird and wonderful, from red kangaroos to frilled-neck lizards. Exploring the Outback and beyond, you never know what furry, feathered or scaly friend you might meet next! Snapchat these unforgettable encounters to share a glimpse of the animals that make Australia’s ecosystems special.

Stunning Australian Landscapes and Sunsets on Snapchat

Australia is a land of stunning natural beauty, and Snapchat is one of the best ways to explore the scenic Outback and colorful sunsets virtually.

The Outback

The Outback, Australia’s vast interior, is filled with gorgeous rust-colored rock formations, massive sandstone cliffs and sprawling red earth. Some of the most spectacular Outback landscapes to follow on Snapchat include:

  • Uluru (Ayers Rock): An iconic sandstone monolith rising from the red earth. Catch the rock at sunrise or sunset when it glows bright orange.
  • Kakadu National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site featuring escarpments, gorges, rock art galleries and wetlands. Keep an eye out for crocodiles!
  • The Kimberley: A wild and rugged region in Western Australia with striking gorges, waterfalls and rock formations. Follow @Australia on Snapchat for epic drone footage.
  • Flinders Ranges: Stunning mountain ranges in South Australia with massive cliffs, gorges and Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheater.

Breathtaking Sunsets

Australia is also known for its unforgettable sunsets, with vibrant orange and red skies. Some of the most gorgeous sunset snaps are from:

  • Any beach! Australia has over 25,000 miles of coastline, so you’re guaranteed to find colorful sunset snaps from beaches around the country.
  • Uluru: Watch the sun dip behind this iconic rock formation, setting the sky ablaze.
  • Kakadu National Park: Catch the sunset reflecting off the park’s wetlands and billabongs.
  • The Whitsundays: A tropical island paradise in Queensland with secluded beaches that offer front-row seats to stunning sunsets.

Following these locations on Snapchat is the next best thing to witnessing Australia’s scenic landscapes and dramatic sunsets in person. The natural beauty of the Outback and colorful sunset skies will leave you in awe.

A Taste of Australia: Food and Drink on Snapchat

Australia is a cultural melting pot; that diversity is reflected in the range of foods and drinks offered. Thanks to Snapchat, you can taste Oz without leaving home.

Meat Pies

Every trip to Australia is complete with trying an Aussie meat pie. These handheld pastries are filled with beef and gravy – perfect for a quick, on-the-go meal. Geofilters featuring meat pies are popular on Snapchat, letting you add a virtual pie to your Snap.


Vegemite is Australia’s most famous food export. This salty yeast extract spread is an acquired taste but is beloved by many Aussies. Snapchat’s filters include ones featuring jars of Vegemite and slices of toast topped with the spread. Why not add one to your Snap for the full cultural experience?

Barbies and Beers

What’s better than an Australian barbeque (aka “Barbie”) with an ice-cold beer? Geofilters featuring Barbies, snags (sausages), and beers like Victoria Bitter and Tooheys are popular on Snapchat. Add one to your selfie for instant Aussie summer vibes.

Coffee Culture

Australia has a thriving coffee scene, with independent roasteries and cafes nationwide. Snapchat lenses and filters reflecting Australia’s coffee culture are everywhere, from ones that turn you into a barista to others featuring cups of flat whites or cold brew. Use them to show you’re “on trend” with Australia’s hipster coffee movement.


Australia also produces world-class wines, especially from regions like the Barossa Valley and Hunter Valley. Snapchat filters featuring iconic Australian wines like Penfolds Grange or Jacob’s Creek are perfect for showing off your inner wine connoisseur. So grab a glass of Shiraz or Chardonnay and add a wine-themed filter for the complete experience.

Thanks to Snapchat, whether you have a taste for coffee or wine, meat pies or barbies, Australia’s diverse food and drink options are at your fingertips. Open the app, choose your filter and enjoy a virtual taste of Oz.

Behind-the-Scenes With Tourist Attractions and Events on Snapchat

Snapchat is the perfect platform for sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of Australia’s top tourist attractions and events? Many major destinations and organizers have official Snapchat accounts that post short videos and photos of what’s happening on the ground.

Following these accounts is a great way to get a sneak peek at what you might experience on your trip down under without leaving your home. You’ll see performers preparing to go on stage at festivals, animals being fed at wildlife sanctuaries, and all the action before the doors open at theme parks.

For example, Australia Zoo, founded by the late Steve Irwin, shares clips of handlers interacting with animals in their enclosures and giving them enrichment activities to keep them stimulated. You might see a koala munching on eucalyptus leaves or a crocodile lunging for raw meat during feeding.

Popular events like Sydney Festival and Melbourne Cup also have a strong Snapchat presence. In the days leading up to and during the events, they post footage of crews setting up stages and booths, rehearsals, and pre-show hype. You can taste the energetic, festive atmosphere and see all the quirky costumes and stylish outfits.

Following these kinds of accounts allows you to experience the excitement of a destination or event with other fans worldwide. Even though you may be thousands of miles away, Snapchat brings you closer through its authentic, in-the-moment posts.

Next time you plan a trip to Australia or wish to attend a big event, check to see if they’re on Snapchat. Their behind-the-scenes snaps might make you feel like an honorary Aussie insider.

Australian Snapchat


So there you have it, a virtual tour of the Australian Outback and beyond through the lens of some amazing Snapchat stories. Australia has something for everyone, whether you’re into sun-drenched beaches, rugged red rock landscapes or cuddly koalas in the wild.

The next time you’re scrolling through Snapchat stories, watch for those filters with the Southern Cross. You never know; you might spot a kangaroo bouncing by or catch a wave at Bondi Beach.

Australia is waiting to be discovered one Snap at a time. Now go fire up Snapchat and start exploring! The adventures await.

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