Auckland people who are committed to exploring locations

Mark Wallbank said that he considers himself fortunate to have trustworthy ties with the people who are responsible for the locations he wants to explore.

What forms of payment are accepted by the Borough Theatre, the Town Hall, Fort Takapuna, and the difficult-to-find bookstore that was originally located in Onehunga?

They have all been encouraged to participate in a paranormal investigation by citizens of Auckland who are committed to exploring locations that are believed to be inhabited by an otherworldly presence.

Since the beginning of this year, the team at Haunted Auckland has been investigating historic buildings in an effort to learn more about the supernatural and share their findings with the broader public.


The architect Mark Wallbank, who had dabbled in the paranormal before returning to the field in, said that the team of eight researchers had been active over the course of the previous three years, including through several Covid-lockdowns.

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In Auckland, the team has been asked to test the Pumphouse Theatre, Massey residence, Hollywood Cinema, The Rangariri Pub, Kingseat clinic, The Kentish resort, Helensville building, Waiuku building, What, and the Capitol Theatre, Wallbank alluded to. Also on the list is the Hollywood Cinema.

One location, in particular, keeps people coming back: the basin apartment paintings Centre in Takapuna. This location has provided the possibility for an “interesting pastime,” resulting in a reduction in the number of times spent there thus far.

“The bright sounds of somebody walking and operating, choir and the sounds of the move, to child-sized shadows have been considered fairly a number of times by a considerable number of team participants, in addition to visitor advisers which have abutted us on periods,” Wallbank mentioned. “The bright sounds of somebody walking and operating, choir and the sounds of the move, to child-sized shadows have been considered fairly a number of times by a considerable number of team members.”


“While we are not yet in a position to prove that what we are seeing is in fact of a paranormal origin, we are able to confess that on multiple occasions we have been left profoundly surprised and unable to rationalize what is going on.

Mark Wallbank has been in charge of apparitional operations in Auckland ever since, although he has been anxious about his performance in this role ever since.

“Patterns are starting to emerge, and experiences are beginning to gather acceptance information and records to back them up,” the author says.

The crew does more media interviews during the Halloween season because interviews with the media have become the “go-to” option during this time of year. This is perhaps the most important reason why the crew is busier during the Halloween season.

The haunting Auckland group does not shy away from drawing clear lines around what they can and cannot accomplish in their investigations.

On the website for the community, which is known as Paranormal New Zealand, it is stated: “We are not ghostbusters, apparition hunters, exorcists, mediums, clairvoyants, or psychics.”

We don’t pray, do rituals, or incorporate any other spiritual elements into our work in any way.

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The community does not demand a fee in order to explore a mysterious enterprise because they believe that just having the opportunity to go on the ground where anything could be occurring is itself an accomplishment worthy of praise.

“till we have a knowledge of what it is we are dealing with, we feel it would be wicked of us to take pay for what we do,” Wallbank pointed out. “We believe it will be bad of us to accept cash for what we do.”

“abstruse study is still very much in its infancy,” said the researcher. We do not consider ourselves to be subject matter experts, nor do we possess all of the relevant answers.

When people who need help with their cerebral fitness rather than an Archimage seek to them assistance with their family issues, this is one of the problematic aspects of their line of work. Wallbank discussed how often he had to persuade individuals to seek the assistance of specialists and steer them away from other countries.

“We used to handle quite a few home talk with requests, but we stopped doing them as we realized that the majority of them were essentially mental health-based concerns,” he remarked. “We stopped doing them as we found that the majority of them were largely mental health-based concerns.”

“It’s something that we are simply not equipped to be getting concerned about as they may possibly be rather awful,” said one of the researchers.


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