New Zealand South Island Road Trip and its background

The choice to take a New Zealand South Island road trip throughout the best of a fantastic one; you’re in for a really unforgettable experience.

Glacial lakes, lush native forests, cloud-piercing peaks, and seaside may all be found within a couple of hours’ drive of each other in the South Island, making it one of the most beautiful and remarkable places on Earth.

After communicable disease limitations were lifted in New Zealand, I was allowed to go there and find that the seemingly unique experiences I was having on my New Zealand South Island road trip were, in fact, rather routine.

new zealand south island road trip

In the past, this wouldn’t be as interesting to learn about. However, for nearly two years, New Zealand was known for having some of the world’s most draconian border policies, shutting down and admitting very few people. After months of planning and strict rules, the country finally opened to the rest of the world in May. By September, its citizens no longer needed acute vaccinations, inspections, or even masks.

“It’s been a charming adjustment, although one a little sluggish due to the laid-back nature of the neighborhood.” Over breakfast, James Mackay, the resort supervisor at Cape Kidnappers’ Farm, told me, “Happily, we’re on the other side now where the limits have been lifted.” “International tourism has unexpectedly picked up, which is great news for New Zealand and for us.” “I believe that people have, in the main, gotten over COVID, and that it is only right that they give due recognition to the fact that they have done so.”

This month, the country took another step toward easing COVID-related travel restrictions by eliminating the need for visitors to fill out a visitor statement before arriving.

Exploring the green hills and sheep farms of Cape Kidnappers, a posh hotel on acres of land in Hawke’s Bay, filled my time there. That, and the cocktails and appetizers served in the hotel’s elegant dining room.

I left for Queenstown in the South Island after a week, trading in the rolling hills for the pristine mountains and fresh air of the North. There, I bought presents for my nephews in town that included Kiwis, on my New Zealand South Island road trip. I sat around a fire pit, sipping local beer, and watched the sky become a rich scarlet as the sun set over basin Wakatipu.

Outside activities have always seemed safer no matter where you are on the globe throughout the epidemic, and this was especially true for the ski resorts near Queenstown. As I learned from Ross Lawrence, manager of the ski area at the Remarkables, the two busiest days on record for the resort occurred in Yet, like many other places across the globe, Lawrence said that the ski lodge is experiencing difficulties due to a lack of personnel.

new zealand south island road trip
The aesthetic landscape of mountains & lake. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

What Lawrence appreciated most about New Zealand was the return of Kiwis who had either never been there before or hadn’t gone in 20 years and were saying things like “wow, or not it’s amazing what you’ve got here.” “COVID is still out there, unbounded, and people are still taking it. the impression that it has gone through… and nothing finds it appealing transformed into, so let us get on with our lives.

Nevertheless, he said, at the moment their major limitation is manpower shortage and the struggle to meet the current demand.

His comments on the public’s receptiveness were reassuring.

As I sat in the crowded café on a warm Saturday afternoon, skiers and snowboarders flitted around, enjoying the last few days of New Zealand’s spring ski competition and the spectacular aerial perspective. tourists and residents alike made the most of the weekend’s activities by eating out and drinking at the city’s many lively eateries and drinking establishments.

Hawke’s Bay and Queenstown were both beautiful and peaceful places to visit, but I found the same feeling of normalcy in the bustling city of Auckland, where people went about their days with nothing more than a smile on their faces.

Founder of Exquisite Art Tours NZ, Jacqui Wilkinson, said, “The previous couple of months were spectacular; the following couple of years, not so much.” She went on to say that removing all barriers might encourage Americans who had “moderate hesitancy” to finally take the plunge and book a trip. For sure, more people in the United States will see this and say, “Oh, or not, it’s a lovely alternative today.”

This was something Wilkinson told me as we made our way back to the city from Waiheke Island, a little island about an hour’s journey from Auckland, on a planned bear. Waiheke, sometimes known as “the island of wine,” is home to several wineries, art studios, and unusual coffee shops that exude enough baby-city charm to make every visitor feel like they’ve wandered into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Throughout my visit to New Zealand, I had the same sense of normalcy in every setting. This included vineyards, bazaars, restaurants, and airports. The formerly dry and anticipated sensation became both a shift and comfort as I traveled over a country that was at last prepared and pleased to welcome visitors once again.


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