Perth to Esperance Road Trip means a multi-day, multi-destination vacation

Perth to Esperance would be a pity not to take the time to stop and view all the fascinating and unexpected sights along the road to Esperance.

The shortest route from Perth to Esperance is 696 kilometers, so taking breaks along the way is vital.

You’ll miss out on WA’s own “Dead Sea,” Australia‘s largest yabby export enterprise, a hidden farm shed full of antique cars, and a jet engine that broke a world record if you take the straight route.

Perth to Esperance
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Why not make the trip into a multi-day, multi-destination vacation that is unique for each direction?

York and Penny Farthing Sweets should be your first stops. There is not only a treat for the taste senses at this vintage candy store, but also for the eyes, as every available square inch of wall space is covered with historical curios.

Follow that with a trip to the Avon River, which flows only a block or two away from the main street’s cafes. It’s a beautiful riverside campsite complete with a flying fox playground and a swing bridge.

As you get closer to Corrigin, you’ll notice a shift in the scenery and a widening of the paddocks. Drive on over to the Corrigin Dog Cemetery, which opened its gates in 1974. The entrance to the hundreds of touching monuments to our animal companions is marked by a giant statue of a kelpie that has been covered in flowers. Walk among the graves and remember dogs like Shep, Phoenix, Lassie (not that one), and the others.

To visit Kulin and the Tin Horse Highway is well worth the extra 15 minutes in travel time if you have never been there before. The unusual roadside attraction, which spans 15 kilometers and consists of more than 70 animals, is like a game of eye-spy in that you never know when a new one will appear.

perth to esperance
Kangaroo at Lucky Bay in the Cape Range National Park near Esperance, Western Australia

The largest regional WA water slide is located in town and is an impressive 18 meters in height and 182 meters in length. Learn the Kulin Aquatic Centre’s hours of operation in advance.

The village of Hyden serves as a jumping-off point for trips to the 2700 Ma Wave Rock formation, which is located only 5 minutes further on. It’s best to wait until nightfall to check it out, rather than wasting the day away there. With the sun’s intensity decreasing, the light becomes softer, and colors become more apparent, making the 15-meter-tall wave seem even more impressive. With care, ascend the granite ledge that stretches 110 meters in length and turn around to take in the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding forest and fields.

When seen from the ground, the rock’s natural stripes resemble a vertical earthen rainbow. Take the requisite picture of you “riding” the wave.

Hippo’s Yawn, reached by a short jungle walk, is another incredible creation that lives up to its name. Agile people can squeeze between the cracks and children love to crawl to the rear of the open mouth and scramble up the stones.

After there, continue on the trek towards Wave Rock Resort via wooden boardwalks and saline plains dotted with sculptural, brittle tree branches. Enjoy the view of Lake Magic, an enchanting salt lake made of gypsum.

There is a graded dirt road that leads out to Mulka’s Cave, and it is well worth the 18-kilometer trip if you arrive before dark. Hundreds of ochre spray impressions of Aboriginal hands decorate the inside. Several additional rock art themes can be seen; in all, 452 patterns are painted using seven distinct colors. This site has more than twice as many paintings as any other in the southwest of Western Australia.

Travel down a winding road past the Wave Rock Airport and a long fence speckled with steel emu cut-outs to reach the Wave Rock Resort, where you may stay in a cabin with all the amenities of home.

perth to esperance

Don your swimsuit and go to the strange and amazing salt pool, which is six times saltier than the sea (it is also open to non-guests; $10 per adult, $5 per kid). Step onto the mucky floor of the bath, dive headfirst into the emerald water, then flip over onto your back and stop moving. Like being in the Dead Sea, you’ll float effortlessly. It’s the next best thing to being an astronaut in zero gravity, and it’s the most incredible sensation ever. The round pool will soon include swinging day beds, individual showers, and flushing toilets, transforming it into a desert spa.


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