Intrepid Travel will be there to greet them with exciting new experiences.

The Australian experience travel agency DMC Jump Out Of Bed has been bought by Intrepid Travel (JOOB). All of Intrepid’s previous acquisitions have contributed to the company’s expansion and strengthened its worldwide operating capabilities and DMC system, and this one is no exception.

On February 21, Australia will reopen its borders to foreign travelers after a two-year hiatus, and Intrepid Travel will be there to greet them with exciting new experiences.

Intrepid Travel
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These new services are meant to help groups close to home, particularly those who have been inconvenienced by travel bans. The tours provide more active and leisure itineraries, as well as journeys that showcase local cuisine and wine, and they also provide important First Nations experiences that celebrate the cultures and history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The “Luxury Kimberley & Muck up Bungles” trip is a 9 days journey into the wilderness. Discover how this allows the Kimberley zone so unique by speaking with unique indigenous custodians about the area’s First Nations history, going on walks designed to shed light on the region’s geography, swimming in crystal-clear water gorges and under cascading waterfalls, and exploring red-rock outcrops and palm oases. Windjana Gorge, Purnululu National Park, and El Questro station, the largest in the area, are just a few of Kimberley’s many tourist destinations.

Intrepid Travel

Six days are spent exploring the outback with a tour guide at your side on the “Premium Red Centre” trip, which includes visits to Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Alice Springs, and Kings Canyon. Enjoy some natural bush ingredients while learning about the Aboriginal people’s relationship to the land on this trip.

Another of Australia’s smaller bushwalking and trekking trails, “Trek the Larapinta Trail” will take visitors on a five-day journey. Hikers in the West MacDonnell Ranges will have the opportunity to explore the area’s red sandstone cliffs and reflect on the region’s millennia-long cultural significance. Hikers will have the opportunity to explore Ormiston Gorge and climb Mt. Sonder, among other secluded canyons, winding riverbanks, broad plains, and towering mountains teeming with a wide variety of animals and vegetation.

Intrepid Travel

The Margaret River and Albany Adventure, a five-day trip out of Perth, is another fresh option for travelers interested in learning about the indigenous culture of the area and its inhabitants. After listening to a didgeridoo performance within the cave, the party will go on a brief bushwalk to learn about traditional remedies found in plants. At Donnelly River Village, not only can you enjoy an unforgettable evening with kangaroos and emus, but you can also sample wine, cheese, and chocolate.

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