Auckland is home to a wide variety of natural attractions

Though it is the biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland is encircled by so much breathtaking scenery that it almost seems like a burden. Get out of the city and you’ll discover a plethora of stunning landscapes and beaches just waiting to be explored. Auckland is home to a wide variety of natural attractions, and these are the best of the bunch.

On that fateful day two years ago, I almost gave up mountain riding for good. I decided to accept an able at a bounce that some of the local kids had constructed on the esplanade, and I promptly went flying over the handlebars, landing with such force that one of my teeth was jarred loose. How terribly tragic, I thought. An elderly guy is lying alone on an esplanade, his bicycle wrapped painfully around his ankles as he silently complains of his severe asthma. However, I wasn’t alone. With a mixture of sick attraction and pitying humiliation, two ladies in tracksuits and their dog observed me.


It wasn’t meant to be my retirement, however; I want to stick around for the duration. My own kids are toddlers, so it won’t be long before they’re freaking out about my falls.

In the Auckland mountain biking scene, there are both long-established veterans and up-and-coming young guns. What has happened in northwestern Auckland has spread to the south, providing just as many possibilities, especially for younger motorcyclists. Mountain biking in Auckland is in decent health, thanks in large part to one of the most active grassroots volunteer communities of any sport.

Here is our yearly rundown of the greatest places in Auckland (approximately north to south) to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets.


While many Aucklanders are aware of this beachside lounge, the best of them have no idea that there are also MTB options available. The arctic south bank curve and the West conclusion trail are both 1 km in length. You can count on more of the same high-quality scenery, abundant wildlife, and relaxing swimming spots that you’ve come to expect.

Place of Shakespeare

The main mountain bike route on Shakespeare’s Bound Esplanade falls into the. family category and, at just kilometers in length, may not challenge even the smallest riders. Amazing vantage points may be found throughout the trail’s thirty-minute length.

In the Woodhill Abundance Bike Park

Woodhill mountain bike esplanade is widely acknowledged as Auckland’s premier riding destination. available where you may choose your own adventure through more than a hundred kilometers of routes that range from undulating and enjoyable to downright terrifying.

The sandy pathways ensure that riding remains pleasurable and safe even after a downpour; in the event of a mishap, it is unlikely that you will have to spend too much time alone in the wilderness before being discovered.

The ease of it all, though, comes at the expense of the essential feeling of occasion that most affluent motorcyclists enjoy, as does the obligatory admission fee.


Albany, the Aristocracy

The Auckland MTB Membership website puts it this way: “Too many of you, the news that there are kilometers of completely amazing, rough, arced single music on the icy beach may be something of a surprise.” Those trails are the elite Albany abundance biking trails, and they’re tucked up in the woods behind Massey University.

The Woods of Riverhead

The Riverhead Woods isn’t too far from Woodhill, but musically, they’re worlds apart. The hard-arranged clay paths out here might become so slick and sluggish after an honest shower of rain that you might not know whether you’re driving on it or wrestling in it. Your bike’s knobby tires will soak it up, and it will gunk up your brakes and pedals, increasing the possibility that you’ll have to ditch your bike and swim to the bottom to rid yourself of the disease.

This is why the majority of visitors to Riverhead stick to the warmer months. You may indulge your sense of adventure without worrying about being hassled for cash by adults on the aboideau.

Reserva Sanders

Sanders Road Trails are the newest in Auckland, being opened in October of last year. Sanders Assets, perched above Paremoremo creek and the upper Waitemata Harbour, is home to miles upon miles of mountain biking paths, including a specially designed toddler-friendly route. There is plenty of space on the Paremoremo peninsula, allowing for panoramic views of the Waitakeres, Advisor Island, and the city. To get to the end of the correctional facility, go around the building and take Sanders Rd. Check out the children’s mountain biking loop, and if you’re looking for something more challenging, there are a plethora of mountain biking song alternatives ideal for abundance cycles.


Geographical Location: Waiheke Island

Just another party honoring the doggedness of the native members who have made contributions. The Waiheke Mountain Biking Club has created and regularly maintains a network of trails in and around the Onetangi Sports Esplanade. It’s a fun day excursion since there are great activities for both adults and children of all ages to enjoy. that you may also drive your wheeled vehicle straight into the bear’s face.

expert mountain bike handling in the heart of the city, right in front of our eyes. The Auckland Mountain Biking Club teamed together with the Auckland council to improve these paths.

Great for novice riders, beginners, and those with more expertise on auto trails, as well as those with more experience and a higher level of critical thinking. wonderful for journeys home from school.

Reserve Puhinui

Puhinui reserve is located in the southeastern part of the Puhinui Peninsula and has an agricultural area of hectares.

The Ecological Bush Walkway at Tune fits well into the. Domestic Category, since it has flat, pleasant, and spacious routes. Located to the south of the airport, with easy access off Expenses Rd in Manurewa.

Park of Totara

The routes at Totara esplanade in Manurewa are one of the newest and best places to ride bikes in Auckland, but they are still a well-kept secret.

or not The majority of the music is thin singles that wind back and forth through the vast expanses of Totara park, sometimes detouring into pleasant tiny glades of the backwoods and across streams.

Some of the berms are oriented in the wrong direction, making it obvious that they weren’t designed with a mountain cyclist in mind, but the trails are still fun and provide a good workout thanks to their steep inclines.

The esplanade may be accessed from many points, but the simplest routes are from the Charles Provost force in Manurewa or the exact on redoubt Rd.

Located at Duder Park

Duder regional esplanade is a ha coastal area esplanade on the pohutukawa-fringed Whakakaiwhara Peninsula that juts out into the Tamaki Bay. The Duder farm circle is a mile-long route over the gently undulating countryside; it’s not long enough for serious mountain bikers, but it’s great for families.

Whitford and Maraetai ForestsThe pathways in these woods are sorted by the dedicated and organized Pohutukawa bank bike membership, making them a fantastic place in the Auckland region for professional MTB riders.

Currently, you need to become a member to access the trails and ride the purpose-built shuttle trailers into the main areas of the park.

The club is furthermore established to provide for street bikers and multi-sporters back activity rises and has begun working with the council to enhance a pump and start the song at Te Puru.


The kilometer of trails at Tapapakanga, south of the hamlet of Orere Pt, is another top spot for family MTB excursions; most of the time the trails pass through farmland, so a moderate level of fitness is sufficient. There are remarkable angles along the firth of the Thames.


Approximately a half-hour drive southeast of Auckland is where you’ll find the Hunua tiers. Many a hiker and mountain bikers have been harmed because they misjudged the distance covered by the stages. Some of them cover more than a square kilometer, which can be difficult to navigate if you belong to the group that blindly charges into the wilderness without knowing which way the sun rises or sets.

nonetheless, there is a great deal of bouncing space and some exceptional abundance of bike progress inside these confines. But there are just a few back-breaking uphills that are followed by pleasant downhills. The Auckland mountain bike club is always hard at work in the Hunuas, and the area’s trail network and signage are both vast improvements over their earlier incarnations.

The Waharau park stretches from the eastern foothills of the Hunua stages to the branch of the Thames around kilometers from Auckland. it s a great time out, although also one of the keys is more stunning, with a wonderful angle out over the branch. Each of the three paths varies in length from kilometers to km.

Multi-Use Pathway Park in Puni

Near Pukekohe, you’ll find the Puni MTB park; for directions, check out the Franklin MTB membership site. Varying from brand to brand, the routes are ideal for family activities, and benefit from the location, zig-zagging across the woodland.

Kids-wheeled vehicle jams are one of the best mountain riding activities for kids, but they also make a lot of kids hot, sweaty, and confused. Bring the kids to Pukete Farm Park in Hamilton or Woodhill Abundance Bicycle Esplanade in Auckland.

designed for children who are able to ride their bikes safely off the street and are at least years old; parents must accompany children less than this age. Lessons range in difficulty from.-km (a typically collapsing and not sufficiently challenging being) to actual complicated being (like roots, rocks up to km), ensuring that children of varying skill levels may find anything that works for them.


If you’re new to the sport and nervous about striking out on your own, the Auckland abundance cycling club is a great place to get started since there are so many people who share your interests. instead, you may look into local clubs. Many areas in and around Auckland have active crews who lead rides, and there are also travels to other parts of the country. The website is currently relevant and up-to-date.

equipment you can get by with only a bike, a helmet, and a water bottle, but feel free to be as fancy as you wish with your accessories. The summer section is winding down, so now is an excellent time to buy a motorcycle because of the fantastic deals now being offered. The best part is that you can go mountain biking year-round if you stick to the drier routes.

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