Sienna XLE vs XSE

If you’re looking for a family-friendly minivan that seamlessly blends comfort, safety, and performance, look no further than the Toyota Sienna. In this showdown, we spotlight two of the most popular Sienna models: the XLE and the XSE. Buckle up as we deeply dive into what sets these minivans apart and help you make an informed decision.Sienna XLE vs XSE

What’s Under the Hood?

The Sienna XLE and XSE are equipped with a hybrid powertrain, flexing their eco-friendly muscles while delivering a combined 245 horsepower. Whether shuttling kids to soccer practice or embarking on a family road trip, these minivans won’t leave you longing for more power.

The Drive

But here’s where things get interesting. The Sienna XSE takes a sportier approach with a sport-tuned suspension and sport-tuned electric power steering system. It’s like the minivan version of your favorite sports car. The XLE, while less sporty, still offers a smooth and comfortable ride perfect for those long highway journeys.

Safety First

Safety is paramount when transporting precious cargo; both Sienna models have your back. The XSE boasts ten standard airbags and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 technology, earning top-notch safety ratings. The XLE, though equally committed to safety, goes farther than the XSE in this department.

Interior Comfort

Regarding comfort, the Sienna XLE and XSE share many similarities. Both offer a spacious interior with a standard four-zone climate control system, ensuring every passenger is content with the temperature. The driver gets an eight-way adjustable seat, and the front passenger enjoys a four-way adjustable seat.

Seating Arrangements

Here’s where the two models diverge slightly. The XSE edition features second-row captain’s chairs, creating a more luxurious feel for your rear-seat passengers. On the other hand, the XLE sticks with a second-row bench seat, which might be more practical for larger families or those who frequently need to accommodate extra passengers.

Tech-Savvy Interiors

In the tech department, both Sienna models shine. They come with a 9.0-inch touchscreen, ensuring easy access to essential functions. You’ll also find Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Connected Services in both, making it a breeze to stay connected and entertained on the go

Sienna XLE vs XSE


Here’s a slight difference: the XSE features the Dynamic Navigation System, which can help you easily find your way. The XLE, while still offering navigation, doesn’t come with the Dynamic Navigation System.


Sound and Charging

For audiophiles and those who can’t live without their devices, both models offer optional 12-speaker sound systems and wireless charging capabilities. Now, you can keep your gadgets juiced up and your music crystal-clear.

Price Check

Let’s talk money. The Sienna XLE and XSE both offer excellent value for the features they provide. However, it’s essential to consider your budget and the specific features you desire. Prices vary depending on optional packages, so do the math to see which aligns with your financial plan.

Fuel Efficiency and Going Green

With rising environmental concerns, it’s worth mentioning that both Sienna models are hybrids. They’re designed to sip fuel, not guzzle it down. You can expect impressive miles per gallon (MPG) numbers, making these minivans eco-friendly for family adventures.

Differences with year

The Toyota Sienna XLE and XSE 2022 XLE are priced between $36,885 and $53,105, with a starting price of $42,495 and a starting price of $44,745, respectively. The XSE has a 2.5L Inline-4 Hybrid engine, a continuously variable automatic (CVT) transmission, and a front-wheel drive drivetrain. It offers fuel economy with 36 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway.Sienna XLE vs XSE

The XSE has a seating capacity of 8 and 7 seats, with a maximum width of 68.5 inches and a wheelbase of 120.5 inches. The vehicle has a curb weight of 4,625 lbs and a fuel economy of 36 MPG combined. It also has a fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons. The XSE has a longer driving range of 648 miles in the city and 648 miles on the highway.

The exterior dimensions of the XSE include a length of 203.7 inches, a height of 68.5 inches, a maximum width of 78.5 inches, a front width of 67.7 inches, a rear width of 68.5 inches, a wheelbase of 120.5 inches, a ground clearance of 6.4 inches, interior space of 8 and 7 seats, and a cargo volume of 33.5 ft³ for seats 1 and 3.

The XSE comes with various features and options, such as an HD radio, Bluetooth connectivity, a premium sound system, satellite radio, smart device integration, WiFi hotspot, auxiliary audio input, entertainment system, MP3 player, interior trim, bucket seats, leather seats, steering wheel, premium synthetic seats, woodgrain interior trim, sun/moonroof, comfort, navigation system, steering wheel audio controls, a power liftgate, power mirrors, air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, climate control, heated front seats, keyless entry, multi-zone air conditioning, power driver seat, power passenger seat, remote trunk release, seat memory, universal garage door opener, rear air conditioning, keyless start, and safety features like a backup camera, cross-traffic alert, rear parking aid, blind spot monitor, and Lane Departure Warning.

Regarding the 2023 model, the XLE is priced between $36,885, while the XSE is priced between $44,745. The XLE has a 2.5L Inline-4 Hybrid engine, a continuously variable automatic (CVT) transmission, and a front-wheel drive drivetrain. It has a fuel economy of 36 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway. The XSE has a fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons and a seating capacity of 8 and 7 seats.

In the 2024 version, the only difference is the price. The XLE is priced between $42,495, while the XSE is priced between $44,745. The Sienna also has various safety features, such as a backup camera, cross-traffic alert, rear parking aid, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, ABS, tire pressure monitor, brake assist, and stability control. The vehicle also has a steering wheel audio system, a steering wheel audio control, and a power liftgate.


There must be a clear winner in the Sienna XLE vs XSE face-off because it depends on your preferences and priorities. The XSE adds a sporty edge and a touch of luxury with captain’s chairs, while the XLE offers practicality and value.

Consider what matters most: sporty handling, top-tier safety features, or budget-friendly options. Whichever you choose, you’re getting a dependable and feature-rich minivan ready to transport your family in style and comfort.

So, are you Team XLE or Team XSE? The choice is yours, and it’s bound to be a winning one, no matter which Toyota Sienna you drive home.



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