The beautiful country of New Zealand is also home to many different spiritual and religious traditions. It is fun to research the background of cults in New Zealand and other parts of the world. What are the main reasons that follow people join cults? What are the facts for the formation of a cult? When should a group or religion be labeled as belonging to the category of cults in NZ?

cults in nz

Most of these beliefs promote positive values like love, peace, and togetherness, but cults have formed when followers of a particular belief system adopt a more authoritarian position. This article will discuss the idea of cults and several famous cults that have arisen in New Zealand. Additionally, we will discuss the characteristics of cults.


What is a Cult in New Zealand?

As you have heard, cults can be specifically explained as groups or organizations with specific unique features that regularly vary from the religious or spiritual practices followed by most people. These kinds of organizations usually feature a charismatic leader with great power over the people who belong to them. Cults have a pattern of separating members from the world by putting them under extremely strict rules and restrictions. Because of this person’s isolation, the setting may favor their control.

What are the Identical Features of Cults

cults in nz

Cults vary from traditional religious or spiritual organizations by key characteristics.

The leaders: A person with strong influencing abilities gets the leader position in most cults.  They often get people to follow them by making emotional pleas and making claims of escape or knowledge.

Control by isolation: Members of cults are often cut off from their families, friends, and the larger community. They have power over many facets of the life of those who follow them, including the followers’ ideas, actions, and even the knowledge that is available to them.

Selfish Mindset: Cults often create a sense of secrecy that leads to a “us vs. them” mindset. They tell their members that the outside world is corrupt or dangerous, further isolating them and making them more reliant on the group.

Thinking Reform: Cults use mind control methods to change their members’ thoughts and beliefs. This might include activities such as thought-stopping, where individuals are urged to suppress concerns or critical thinking.

Finally, Attack on Members’ Financial Resources: Many cults require their members to give the group large amounts of money or assets. People often say that these efforts are important for the mental growth or survival of the group.

What are the most dominant cults in NZ?

cults in nz

Throughout its history, New Zealand has been witness to the formation of several distinct cults, each of which adheres to a special collection of tenets and rituals. Even though not all cults are naturally dangerous, it is to be aware of the features of cults to make educated decisions about whether or not to participate. Below are some of the most popular cults that have made an impression in New Zealand:

  1. The Christ-Centered Community of Gloriavale

The Gloriavale Christian Community is a religious group recognized for its stringent regulations and complete seclusion from the rest of the world. This community may be found in the South Island of New Zealand. The church of Gloriavale adheres to a more traditional understanding of Christianity. It is led by Neville Cooper, also known as Hopeful Christian. Society emphasizes communal living, prearranged marriages, and gender norms that are quite restrictive. Former members have expressed their worries about the lack of personal freedom and the level of control exercised by the organization’s leadership.

2. Centrepoint Community

The Centrepoint Community, which Bert Potter established in the 1970s, is noted as one of the most notorious cults in the annals of New Zealand’s past. Initially, Centrepoint portrayed itself as a personal growth and therapeutic community. However, in subsequent years, its shady side became more apparent. Members were exposed to emotional and sexual abuse and psychological manipulation, and they were controlled in their personal relationships. The head of the cult was arrested for sexual misconduct in the late 1990s, leading to the group’s demise.

3. The Society of Aetherius

Alien intelligence and their part in the path to spiritual enlightenment are central tenets of the UFO religion practiced by members of the Aetherius Society, which George King established. The society, which has its headquarters in New Zealand, is dedicated to advancing humankind via the cultivation of spiritual practices and the promotion of world peace and healing. The Aetherius Society comprises people interested in the supernatural and seen as harmless, even though it is recognized as a subculture and belongs to the fringe.

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