Australian Brothel – Introduction

Welcome to my recount of a memorable experience a few years ago when I made my first foray into Sydney’s brothels. It was an eye-opening journey that allowed me to discover Australian brothels’ unique world and fascinating dynamics. In this article, I will take you through the process of visiting a brothel in Australia, share personal anecdotes, and provide insights into the diverse aspects of this industry. So, buckle up and join me on this captivating adventure.

The initial encounter

When I first embarked on my journey into the world of Australian brothels, I had no idea what to expect. Every brothel seemed to possess its distinct character, shaped by the workers, receptionists, management, and overall ambiance. However, the clientele appeared relatively homogeneous in terms of demographics.

Australian Brothel

Upon arriving at a brothel, clients are greeted by a warm and smiling receptionist. She guides them to an allocated room and briefly introduces the upcoming experience. The receptionist encourages clients to remember the names of the workers and invites them to ask any questions they may have. After this initial interaction, clients are left to peruse the price list, allowing them to explore the available options.

Inside the Brothel

Once a client has been selected, the chosen worker accompanies them from the reception area to a staircase. At this point, the receptionist assigns a room number to the worker. As the client enters the room, the worker leads them to a special lamp where a health check is conducted, ensuring both parties’ safety and well-being.

Following the health check, the worker asks the client about the desired duration of their stay, collects the payment, and guides them to the shower. Meanwhile, the worker visits the cashier’s office at the end of the corridor to log the type of service and room number. After retrieving the necessary supplies from the cupboard, the worker returns to the room where the client has finished their shower.

Every room has an intercom system that alerts the worker and client five minutes before the booking ends. This allows them to shower, get changed, and be ready to leave the room by the time the second buzzer rings. The worker then escorts the client down the back staircase, where the receptionist bids them farewell.

Receptionists and Management

While receptionists and management play vital roles in the operation of a brothel, their impact can vary greatly. In my experience, the Shoe in Sydney stands out as the brothel with the most room for improvement. Despite its reputation and popularity among clients, the management enforced rules that contributed to shorter tenures for the workers. This constant influx of new faces was undeniably attractive to the clientele.

Although some receptionists were lovely and supportive, the overall business approach favored a “customer is always right” mentality. While this may be suitable for selling cleaning products, it proves to be challenging when dealing with an industry centered around selling personalities and intimate experiences.

Unforgettable bookings

A few bookings left a lasting impression on me throughout my time in brothels. One particular encounter involved a heavily intoxicated client who could barely stand. In just 20 minutes, he mustered the energy to tell me to “Shut tha fook oop” repeatedly. Another incident occurred during one of my early shifts, where a client crossed a significant boundary by forcefully engaging in an act without consent.

As a brothel worker, it was essential for me to establish and maintain boundaries. When a client crossed those boundaries, we typically issued a warning for the first offense. However, if the behavior persisted, we had no choice but to terminate the encounter.

At the Shoe, there was an undeniable pressure to endure mistreatment from clients, regardless of how poorly we were treated. The receptionists meticulously recorded every interaction in a diary, ultimately influencing decisions to dismiss girls encountering numerous client issues.

The competitive atmosphere

Brothels, especially those with a bar-like setting, fostered a competitive atmosphere among workers. Older women who had been part of the establishment for years often displayed an instant dislike towards newcomers, creating a tense and competitive environment. Unlike those with individual rooms to relax in while awaiting clients, we had no designated space to unwind, making it challenging to find moments of relaxation amidst the bustling atmosphere.

A shift to Perth

Motivated by the lucrative opportunities presented by the mining boom, I decided to explore the brothel scene in Perth. The receptionists I encountered were lovely and supportive, creating a positive work environment. While the establishment was smaller and more cliquey, even the owners actively participated in workplace gossip, highlighting the tight-knit nature of the community. However, what truly surprised me was the prevalent use of methamphetamine among workers and clients. Open discussions about drug use were commonplace, often interrupting conversations and leading to lengthy monologues.

Comparing brothel experiences

The restrictions on alcohol consumption within Western Australian brothels, coupled with the scarcity of cocaine, created a different working environment compared to Sydney. While in Sydney, there was a 50/50 chance of encountering clients who struggled with performance due to excessive alcohol consumption, in Perth, the worst that could happen was clients consuming too much alcohol, resulting in prolonged endurance but still maintaining an erection.

Australian Brothel

With these contrasting experiences, I decided to transition to remote work in Perth. The city’s more affordable housing options and its laid-back population’s wealth proved attractive factors. Looking back, I realized that returning to brothel work would be unlikely, but, as they say in this industry, one should never say never.

The Brothel Environment

Throughout my journey in various brothels, I discovered an environment unlike any other. The gender stereotype that portrays women as inherently “bitchy” simply did not hold within these establishments. Any worker who adhered to such a stereotype swiftly became an outcast. Instead, I found a supportive and non-judgmental community where backgrounds, income levels, and identities held no significance. Within the walls of a brothel, we were all equals.


In conclusion, my initial venture into the realm of Australian brothels was a truly eye-opening experience. Each establishment possessed its distinct character, shaped by the workers, receptionists, management, and clientele. I encountered a range of encounters, from memorable bookings to competitive atmospheres and shocking revelations of drug use. Ultimately, I decided to move towards independence, enjoying the freedom to choose clients, dictate my working hours, and earn significantly higher profits.

Australian Brothel

While I cherish the camaraderie and supportive nature of the brothel environment, I also acknowledge the importance of personal autonomy and the pursuit of higher earnings. My journey through Australian brothels has given me a unique perspective on this industry, challenging societal stereotypes and highlighting its diverse experiences. Reflecting on my past experiences, one thing remains certain: the world of Australian brothels is far more complex and multifaceted than meets the eye.

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