Can a Child Born in Australia Get Citizenship After 10 Years

Every country has its laws and regulations regarding citizenship. In Australia, being born within its borders doesn’t automatically grant you citizenship. However, there are specific circumstances under which a child born in Australia can obtain citizenship after ten years. This comprehensive guide will explore the conditions, requirements, and process for a child born in Australia to acquire citizenship after a decade.

Can a Child Born in Australia Get Citizenship After 10 Years?

Yes, it is possible for a child born in Australia to obtain citizenship after living in the country for ten years. This pathway to citizenship is known as the “Residence Requirement.” It allows children who have lived in Australia for 10 years and have been lawfully present throughout this Period to apply for citizenship..

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The Residence Requirement

The Residence Requirement is an essential criterion for a child born in Australia to be eligible for citizenship after 10 years. To fulfill this requirement, the child must have lived in Australia for ten consecutive years since birth, with no lengthy overseas trips or unlawful presence in the country during this Period.

How to Calculate the 10 Years?

It is crucial to calculate the 10 years for eligibility accurately. The Period starts from the day the child is born and ends when they apply for citizenship. Any overseas travel or unlawful stay during this Period can disrupt the continuity of the 10 years and may affect the child’s eligibility.

Meeting the Good Character Requirement

In addition to the Residence Requirement, the child must meet the Good Character Requirement to be eligible for citizenship. This means the child must have a clean criminal record and not engage in criminal activities in Australia. Any criminal convictions or significant offenses may lead to the rejection of the citizenship application.

Applying for Citizenship

To apply for citizenship, the child (if they are aged 16 or 17) or their parent or legal guardian must complete and lodge Form 1300t – “Application for Australian Citizenship – Other Situations.” The Department of Home Affairs official website has a download link for the form.

Can a Child Born Overseas Obtain Citizenship After 10 Years of Residence in Australia?

No, the 10-year residence requirement for citizenship applies only to children born in Australia.

What If the Child Spends Extended Periods Overseas During the ten years?

Any lengthy overseas trips during the ten years may disrupt the continuity of residence, potentially impacting the child’s eligibility for citizenship. Short trips for holidays or family visits generally do not affect eligibility. Still, it’s essential to consult with immigration authorities to assess individual cases.

Can the Child Apply for Citizenship Before Turning 10?

Yes, a child can apply for Australian citizenship before turning 10 years old. The place of birth, parentage, and current status of the child’s visa are just a few variables that affect whether a child is eligible for Australian citizenship. Here are a few typical situations:

  1. Regardless of the citizenship or immigration status of the parents, a child born in Australia is typically regarded as an Australian citizen by birth.
  2. A child born outside of Australia to parents who at least one of them is an Australian citizen at the time of the child’s birth may be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent. Before turning 10, the child can apply for citizenship.
  3.  If a child is born abroad and neither parent is an Australian citizen at birth, the child may be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent if one of the parents does so before the child turns 10. Once the parent becomes an Australian citizen in such circumstances, the child may apply for citizenship.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs or professional advice is advised for accurate and up-to-date information regarding a child’s eligibility for citizenship and the application process because each case may have unique requirements and conditions.

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Is There Any Age Limit for Applying for Citizenship?

No, there is no age limit for applying for citizenship under the 10-year residence requirement. However, if the child is 16 or 17, they must apply using Form 1300t, as mentioned earlier.

 Can the Child’s Parent Apply for Citizenship on Their Behalf?

If the child is under 16, a parent or legal guardian can apply for citizenship using Form 1290 – “Application for Australian Citizenship by Descent.”

What Is the Processing Time for Citizenship Applications?

The time it takes to process citizenship applications can vary depending on several variables, including the volume of applications received and the complexity of each case. For the most recent details on processing times, it is advised to visit the Department of Home Affairs official website.

Can a Child Born in Australia Get Citizenship After 10 Years

While being born in Australia doesn’t automatically grant citizenship, a child born within the country’s borders can become a citizen after living in Australia for ten continuous years. It is crucial to meet the Residence Requirements, maintain good character, and complete the necessary application process. For further information and guidance, it is recommended to consult with the Department of Home Affairs or seek professional assistance.




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